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Small Removals and Part Loads


As a small removals business we tender a tailored service for your small move. We supply man and van hire or vans with a with two men. We are based in Manchester work all areas in the northwest doing local moves. At the same time we are regularly do small moves to London and from London anywhere in the UK

Nicks have a Moving Van offer small moves across the UK and Europe and back loads from Europe. We can be virtually anywhere in the UK within a day. We can cope with everything from pianos, fine art and antiques awkward large furniture items to electronics and computers with full service door to door inside delivery and pick-up.small removals

What sort of moving companies do small moves?

Very few moving companies specialize in small moves. Unless they are man and van service.

As a small move expert we can offer individual mini moves to suit the customers needs.

A. Small part loads as you are sharing the space on a van with other customers you are sharing the cost, the cost of moving a full vanload is shared with other clients.

B. We are skilled proficient movers, which means you obtain door to door inside delivery with full blanket service just as though you had a large load

C. Dedicated move with just your belongings in the van we can offer smaller removals all over the UK and Europe including Spain we have the experience to make it an easy task

The vans we use for small removals are Mercedes sprinters which are first class for reliability. Please take the time to look intently around our removal site there are sections on planning your move and moving advice and packing tips. We are incredibly proud of the service we offer, and we continuously strive to progress on the high standards we have.

Moving electrical equipment

Electrical apparatus need individual consideration when moving. Disconnect and take apart computers accurately. Make sure there is a member of staff that knows how to disconnect and later reconstruct the equipment. Remove all solutions from the photocopying machines. Drain water from any water dispensers. If you are leasing any of your equipment, make sure you give notice your leasing company before the move.

Whether you have a small load or single item delivering short distance or even to Spain we can help you