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planning on moving to europe

A European removal service to suit your needs and budget. This gives you the option to rent all or part of a removal van and the driver from the UK to anywhere in France Portugal, Spain and the rest of Europe. We also offer a dedicate man and van European removals service. To enquire please send e-mail for a free removal quotation, otherwise phone Ralph or Linda. For an online European removal quote fill in the European quote form. Your removal quote will be sent within the hour. Heading off to start a new life in Europe should be a trouble free experience so long as you plan and do not leave things to chance.

This breakdown of things to do should help with the important things that need to be done before and after your move from the UK to your European destination. When you make the decision to move, the clock starts ticking towards your moving day. Relocating to Europe the easy way with Nicks European removal service. We specialise in removals to Madrid and Barecelona with weekly runs to both Spanisg cities.

euro moving

European Removals

Your removal should be booked as early as possibly once you get a moving date. Then we can start discussing your European removal requirements. The options we offer will be tailored to your needs. A full team removal, storage and packing service to a basic you pack we load man and van service around Europe. Costs are a big factor and there are ways to keep costs down. We may have to visit your home to survey furniture and belongings to be shipped or you can draw up your own detailed inventory. There maybe added insurance you would like for high value items.

inform people you are moving

Notifying Utility Companies

Arrange in advance to have all meters (water gas electric) read on the day or the day before you move and disconnectedinform people you are moving if the property is going to be empty. If you are letting make sure utility bills are in the new tenants name and ensure all outstanding bills are paid. The same goes for service providers like telephone, cable and sky TV. At your new home give the utility companies plenty of advanced warning, when you need connecting or the utilities transferring into your name. You will find they obviously work differently than the UK. Like in Spain "mañana" make sure you are not liable for previous owners bills.

removal paperwork

Get your Paperwork in order

Getting all your papers sorted is essential for a smooth move. It does not have to be a nightmare plan in advance and do your paperwork, do not leave anything till the last minute. The day before there will be plenty of unexpected things to do try not to let it be a priority one. As well as the obvious documents like passports and driving licences. It is also a good idea to get all the families birth certificates baptism and marriage certificates. Also pack any financial and insurance documents. Try to get copies of medical and dental records, school records and any qualifications you or your family may have. Keep all your documents in a safe place that you can access easy.

moving abroad

Who to tell your Moving Abroad

Don't forget to tell the relevant bodies your moving house, you will need to inform your local authority (council tax) your moving abroad. Department of Health and Social Services and the Inland Revenue along with DVLA. It would be helpful to deregister with your doctor and dentist and optician remembering to get any records you may need. You may have to cancel any insurance polices for car home and personal belongings and have new ones set up in your new country. Fill out a change of address form with the post office, give your new forwarding address. This way you can make sure that you receive any important mail on time and avoid paying late fees.

euro money

Getting your Finances in order

Depending on where you're moving to in Europe you will probably need a good exchange rate from the pound to the euro. Euro money TorFX is an independent foreign exchange specialist offering competitive rates of exchange better than your bank. You will have to open a foreign bank account if buying a property abroad to receive regular payments like pensions and to pay bills for your new property by direct debit. If in doubt, ask your bank or financial advisor. Just make sure you know where your money is, how to access it and that you have a local contact should you need some support. Always make a will if you are buying a property so there is no complications with local laws.

living in europe

Residency in the EU

As a rule all EU citizens from the original EU accession countries have the right to live and work in another EU accession living in europe country. While it is not always compulsory permanent residency gives you the right to openly pursue almost any job or employment get a mortgage and even vote in local elections. It is wise as it allows access to healthcare and other benefits. In practical terms, you switch your permanent residency permit in one country say Britain for a permanent residency permit in another country say Spain. The first country is also obliged to take you back if you decide that your new country is not to your fancy. If you intend to apply for residency or not, at the very least you should register yourself and your family at the local town hall within three months of arriving there. For non EU countries consult the relevant embassy in London. Where ever you move to you will also need to be registered within that countries tax system this applies to second home owners too.

making friends in Europe

Making your new home feel like home

Learning the Language is the first and best advice I can give to anyone hoping to successfully settle. Make friends in your chosen country and there is no reason why that should not start when you first decide to move. You do not have to wait till you are there check out Lonely Planet Publications. Speaking the local language will make day to day living easier and not limit you to making friends with other expats. Language helps you with making friends with locals. Who you will gain respect from if you are trying to learn the language and this will have a positive effect on your relocation to Europe. Using local tradesmen for your needs will help you to integrate and add to the local economy. Don't be reserved about getting involved in local clubs and classes there is bound to be something of interest where you will meet like minded people. An evening beer or glass of wine in the local bar regular is a good idea and enjoyable. Whether locals or other expats, nothing will aid you more than being able to depend on your friends when you need to. Don't only think that its socialising it's what makes a new country feel like home, don't be a stranger!

Moving to a new country is not easy. Even when everything goes according to plan it's still challenging. There will be times when you're physically and emotionally worn out but try not to let things get you down. Don't be shy about asking for help or support, there are plenty of people who have been there before.

schools in europe


If your moving around Europe with children you will have to decide on the type schooling for them. Options in europe vary, from mainstream schooling of the country of your choice. Or send them to the many private International schools. These types of schools usually teach in English and will generally stick to the British curriculum. They also teach the language of the country you are in. The fees for international schools are paid by the term and average around £3000 per term. For more information on good schools checkout The Good Schools Guide International. Only you know your child and which option would suit them best, what ever you decide you will see your child integrate swiftly and become fluent in the language quickly. Nevertheless, for families planning to settle into a country long term, the national school system could be the most practical path.

healthcare in europe


Make sure that the country you are moving to has good enough healthcare services and infrastructure to support you and healthcare in europe your family. In particular if you have a medical condition which calls for treatment or medication. The NHS is a residence based healthcare system, for that reason. Once you have moved permanently away from the UK you are no longer entitled to medical treatment under normal NHS rules. You must tell your former GP when you move so that you and your family are removed from the NHS register. Visit the NHS website to see if you are eligible to any health care benefits whilst living abroad.

Bupa International offer online quotes for expatriate, group and individual health insurance plans, available for expats living and working abroad.

WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters. Visit the World Health Organisation website for the latest international health information and advice, updates on vaccinations, risks and recommended precautions.

Useful websites for you European Removals..

The web has a vast mine of information for people moving to Europe here are a only some sites that may help you prepare for moving to Europe.


Country name Resident Britons
Australia 1,300,000
Spain 761,000
United States 678,000
Canada 603,000
Ireland 291,000
New Zealand 215,000
South Africa 212,000
France 200,000

From a small load or single item delivery to a full house European Removal we can facilitate your European move.