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Manchester Car Storage

Manchester car storage

Manchester Auto Storage is your solution for long term car storage in the Manchester and Lancashire areas of UK, as well as Northern England. There secure inside car storage facility affords your car protected inside storage, safe from rain, snow, hail, ice, sun, theft or messing about from kids, or other potential damage.

Manchester Car Storage Storing your car should involve good preparation. However, many drivers who park their vehicle for an extended Manchester car storage duration fail to do some basic yet important tasks. Indeed, you must properly prepare your car for storage to avoid the common pitfalls. You can then drive away every time with no rust, no engine seizures and no faded paintwork. If you plan to leave your car unattended for more than six weeks at a time then read on! Dehumidified Car Storage Storing your car in a humidity controlled garage is always the best option. If this is not available then you may need to store your car outside. This is due to the fact that moisture evaporates slowly indoors and some garages can have a very high moisture content in the air; this is called a high humidity. To store your car in a garage the humidity must be below 70% and would ideally be below 55%. Otherwise, you could be left with a significant rust problem. An inexpensive and easy way to check the humidity of your garage is to buy a hygrometer. These digital measuring devices have an electronic display that can be checked in a matter of seconds. Simply leave the hygrometer inside your garage for a week and then come back – it will show the maximum humidity over the week. If this is under 70% you are safe to store! Heating your garage will also provide a better car storage environment. Outdoor Storage If you are unable to store your car indoors or if your garage is too damp then the best option is to store outdoors. The natural air movement will allow moisture to evaporate quickly and make rust less likely. However, you should use an outdoor car cover which is vented. The cover offers weather protection (especially from paint fade due to UV sunlight) and the vents allow air to flow under and around the car to aid moisture evaporation.

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