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Hire a Van with a man

Why Hire Van and man?

There are practically as many usages for vans as there are different models and different types of vans . Whether you are moving house, flat or student room moving your goods or just carrying some work gear around. A man and van hire is the perfect solution.

Here are a few ideas to help you find the right type of van for your needs.

Moving House

A small removal company will base its main jobs around Luton vans or LWB long wheel based high top vans. There’s a good purpose for this no other types of vans offers such a great combination of load carrying ability and practicality.

The large box body of a Luton van offers a bigger load capacity. A similar sized long wheel base vans but over long distances will cost more in fuel.

Their extra width and height makes a huge difference when you are trying to load big furniture. Like wardrobes, sofas, beds and mattresses in. Unlike swb (short wheel base) and lwb (long wheel base) vans. There are no wheel arches or doors to prevent you from loading flush to the sides. Which can happen with side loading doors on panel vans.

Luton vans can also come with tail lifts which can be useful with pianos and heavy furniture pieces. Unless you are assured you can lift the whole kit and caboodle at a minimum one metre off the ground. Lutons have taller bodies than panel vans.

Shopping for big furniture or heavy flatpack ikea items?

Occasionally you need to make a large item buy. Too large for a car. You might be able to get it delivered by the shop your buying from. But that is not always likely and can be quite untimely.

A good alternative way is to hire a van and do the delivery manually by yourself. If your not going to use the services of a man and van removal! Which van you should hire rests on on the dimension of your purchase for very long items. Look at a long wheel base or extra long wheel base van these offer load spaces up to 4m long like a Mercedes Sprinter.

For lots of bags and boxes or more regular sized objects, a short wheel base SWB van is probably your best bet. Offering a good combination of payload and space.

If your purchase isn’t that big at all, but you happen to have a very small car. Or you have just not got a car then don’t forget the advantages of a small van such as the mini van. Although they aren’t much bigger than a medium sized car, they have much more space internally and may well be sufficient for your needs.

Need to move gear around?

Whether you need to deliver goods from your business and home. Or transport goods or gear around for your own purposes, hiring a van can be the best solution if you only need it occasionally.

From car sized to nearly lorry sized, new vans are enormously capable and easy to drive. Easier than a car in some cases. Why not get a van hire quote from one of the many man with a van hire companies today. Save yourself the bother of numerous trips in an weighed down car or man and van transport services?

man with a van Removals

Man with a van hire service

Why you should use a Man and van

I moved flat recently and contemplated using a removal company. Thinking this was my only option. That I would have to get a quote from the local removals company. But I was wrong, there is another way. I used the local Stockport moving service which ended up being a lot more reasonably priced. Also this saved me a quite a good bit of time too. For some time man and van services have been rivaling the bigger removals companies. Even though they have been around for years. It’s only now that they are a bonafide competition for big companies.

They more repeatedly than not, will equal if not beat the quality of service offered by a of bigger removals company. Just be a little more easy on the pocket too. Hiring a man and van is as straightforward as going on the internet, looking and getting one in your region. Then calling them up or in some cases sending email for a quote. Booking them either online or over the phone it is best.

I did have to get rid of quite a bit of junk like old furniture and garden waste that was left over from the previous tenant. This was way too much rubbish to put in a wheelie bin and too much for me to take to the tip in my car. The man and van service i booked was registered to carry waste. So i booked him for a rubbish removal tip run, killed two birds with one stone!

Book a move online

To book online in my opinion with every thing done by email so there is no mistake with date time and addresses. It takes no time at all and most will have an online form that can be filled in. Asking for all relevant information. The man and van two men if requested will turn up on the day of the move. If a packing service has been booked they will come with bubble wrap and boxes.

Everything will packed up and in the van ready to leave for your new home. Packing up of belongings can be done yourself to keep cost down further. I would very much recommend using a man and van service or small transport company. That can be recommended if possible your move is a small room with just bags and boxes or medium sized one. Save yourself time and money by booking a man and van.