Reasons to Move to Manchester

The Reasons Manchester is a better place to live than London

Reasons to move to Manchester

Year on year more Londoners are choosing to move to Manchester. With the lure of stepping on to the property ladder with cheaper housing prices. Not just for the property market but a buzzing nightlife and music scene. Coupled with friendlier locals, Manchester is packed full of character. This makes “Cottonopolis” which is Manchester’s nickname from the industrial and textile revolution a massive draw for young professional go getters.
Served by an international airport with daily flights to more than 200 worldwide destinations. The airport serves the thriving north west in and around Manchester which is one of Europe’s biggest local economies. It is also a growing hotspot for tech and creative industries. If it’s TV you’re into MediaCity in Salford is home to many TV companies amongst them the BBC and ITV plus lots of creative and digital businesses.

Manchester People

The Mancunian also known as Manc’s are proper proud of their city. They are a creative pragmatic lot who have gifted the world an eclectic mix of stuff. This ranges from the Suffragette movement to modern computer science and Coronation Street. Manchester people are natural piss takers, so don’t be offended by a little gentle ribbing. Manc’s have an inimitable swagger that’s not condescending but welcoming and embracing to newcomers that arrive in their city. In London you will get a funny look if you give someone the time a day by talking to them. The people of Manchester are a different story they’ll talk to anyone. Mancunians are not all Scuttler’s like the Gallagher brothers Liam and Noel from Oasis. Sorted our kid you’re on the way to understanding the people of Manchester.

moving key manchester
Great Manchester areas from the Northern Quarter to Didsbury and Chorlton

Inspiring countryside nearby

Try and drive out of London for an hour and you will still be in London. Manchester on the other hand is within easy reach of some of the UK’s most gorgeous countryside and picturesque villages. There is an abundance of national parks within an hours drive of Manchester. The Yorkshire Dales, the Forest of Bowland the Peak District and the Lake District. North Wales is also close by where you will find enchanting castles and the spectacular landscape picturesque mountainous region of Snowdonia. Manchester provides all the benefits of living in a big city with access to wonderful rural locations aplenty, sorted on that score.

Student Metropolis

Manchester is a nirvana city for students and geared up to provide all the facilities to keep students happy and safe during their stay at uni. The region has one of the biggest student populations in the UK if not Europe. There are three major educational institutions, University of Manchester, MMU and the University of Salford. Which are among the top rated in the UK. It’s that good many graduates stay on after their studies with a growing number of jobs on offer in all sectors. Living cheap is a student prerogative and Manchester is a place where your student budget will go further than in the capitol.


Red or blue this is a city that is synonymous with top flight football. The home of Manchester City who are powering forward with a fantastic stadium and sublime playing style. Since being taken over by Sheikh Mansour’s who owns the Abu Dhabi United Group city have buckets of money to spend. Also Manchester United who have an unrivalled footballing history and a worldwide fan base. Between these two clubs they have won the Premier League more times than all London clubs combined. Englands National Football Museum is located in the Urbis building in Cathedral Gardens Manchester. A fitting place to have the footy museum with Manchester being the football capitol of England.

Manchester city fans
Manchester City fans welcome the investment from Sheikh Mansour


Madchester is legendary for its musical creativity. For such a comparatively small city on the world scene they’ve smashed it. Where ever you go on the planet you’re bound to hear a tune that’s been composed by a Mancunian musician. You’ve got Oasis from Burnage and the Bee Gees from Chorlton the eclectic list goes on from The Smiths to the Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses. It gets embarrassing reeling off the prolific talent from this city, Nuff said.


If it’s a top night out you’re after then Manchester certainly delivers. It’s one of the countries liveliest night time cities buzzing with energy. Theres a massive and varied choice of bars, pubs, and night clubs in Manchester. Offering any kind of night you want. Whether you’re looking for a fancy dinner in Spinningfields or a trendy jazz club in the Northern Quarter. Or you could head to the suburbs for a traditional stye pub. Try Fallowfield and pop into the Friendship Inn or the Nelson in Didsbury for a nice cold pint.

The Cost of living

One of the main reasons for moving from London to Manchester has go to be the cost of living. If you can get a similar paying job in Manchester then you’re quids in. Property prices for renting and buying are far more affordable than the capitol. With on average Manchester being around 55% cheaper. In London most haven’t got a prospect of getting on the housing ladder. But you stand a decent chance in Manchester. The daily living costs are also about 15% less than London prices.

Moving home in Manchester
Manchester’s Moving Company

Although in some aspects London cannot be beaten after all it is the capitol of our great nation. There is room in our hearts for both cities. If you are planning to relocate to Manchester from London. You can rely on Nicks Removals to make the move up North a smooth process and easier on your pocket than a London removal company.