Moving Home Plan

The Task of Moving Home

Let’s be honest the process of moving your furniture and possessions during your home relocation is something that can cause headaches and potential back ache. Moving home takes you out of your comfortable everyday routine. It can throw up some surprise problems and hurdles that will have to overcome for a successful move.

It can be very expensive, which ever option you choose to conduct it. At any given time, thousands of Brits are planning to move home.

The first obstacle to overcome is getting your belongings from point A your present address to point B your new home. If you’re moving within Manchester or the same city the problem is less of a logistical effort. We are now all more transient so a long distant move is more common place than past times. So let’s take a look at the moving options across the home removal industry.

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Hiring A Removal Company

There is a massive industry of UK removal companies all ready to vie for the honour of carting your belongings. The removal and storage industry in the UK is worth up to £1 billion and depends on the strength of the housing market. So if houses are being bought and sold then the moving industry is strong.

The British Association of Removers (BAR) is a professional trade association that represents removal and storage services across the UK. There are other removal trade bodies in the UK that home movers can find a trusted removal company. Lots of removal companies are not members of a trade groups. If choosing an independent removal company that is not a member of a trade group check the companies history and conduct due diligence.

We are all used to shopping on comparison websites but did you know there are also many house removal comparison websites and transport bidding sites on the internet. These include which promise to save customers big savings on removals and courier jobs. is a websites for comparing removal quotes in Manchester and throughout the UK. They also provide ratings and reviews for the removal companies they have listed.

Removal Quotes

Accepting the lowest moving quote you get is not always the best objective. The old saying you get what you pay for can apply when hiring a removal company. It could possibly cost you thousands more in the end hiring an unprofessional company. Who do not know how to move furniture in the correct manner.
Reputable removal companies are easy to locate. You should expect to get similar quotes from movers who understand the quoting process and know what’s involved with your specific move. Getting extreme removal quote ranges is not uncommon in the removal industry.

When reaching out for removal quotes to save time compose an email with all your moving details. This will comprise of your start and destination addresses and an inventory of the belongings to be moved. It is best to be completely up front about any issues the removal guys will encounter when they arrive. For example if there is any stairs involved or lift issues. Will they have access to park the removal van.

Containerised Moving

Some moving companies provide an alternative to the traditional moving process. It’s less expensive to a full removal service but entails the customer doing the hard graft of loading and packing. A container of your desired load will be delivered to your home. You will have the responsibility of loading this container box with your belongings. The container can then be picked up with a specialised vehicle and delivered to your destination address This type of service is great if you also need storage the use of a storage facility. You must be prepared to lift all your heavy items. This may appear to be easy if you’re young and strong but there is a practised technique to furniture moving.

DIY Removals

Hiring a removal van is another option. In Manchester for instance Salford Van Hire rent out various size vans that are ideal for all types of moves. If you have the necessary documents such as driving license, proof of address dated within three months and driving license code from DVLA. This code lets the hire company know you’re driving history in regards of points. Depending on your move size help will be needed to load all your heavier furniture items. If your moving long distance it might be possible to get a one way van hire some van hire companies offer this but not all.

The costs you will have to consider are van hire, fuel, possible pay for helpers, food and drinks for energy levels! DIY moves will defiantly save you money but add to your workload.

Another option is to hire a man with a van. If you book an experienced man and van service you will get professional help with loading and packing the van.

Moving home with care

Things To Consider

Getting a removal quote online will require you to know the amount of stuff you are moving. This can be compiled in an inventory of furniture bags and boxes. Knowing your exact weight and cubic metres to be moved will help with acquiring accurate quotes.

Some removal companies will offer a packing service. This is a useful service if you can afford it, having all your belongings professionally packed is a great convenience. It will also ensure your belongings are fully insured.
If you pack yourself, some of the insurance cover may not apply to certain goods during your move. Insurance cover is something you should discuss with your chosen removal company. If you are packing yourself start collecting boxes. Use the correct size box for the items you are packing. Home moving kits can be purchased which contain all the materials you will need boxes, tape, bubble wrap etc.

UK long distance and European moves need more planning. Nipping back from Spain for something you have forgotten is not an option. Having a clearance out of unwanted belongings and furniture should be considered. Don’t pay to transport items you do not want or need.

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Having a moving plan with a checklist of things to be done is essential for a successful home move. The internet is chock full of moving tips and comprehensive guides so take advantage of them.

Moving home is going to be a big inconvenience to your routine. To minimise the disruption get your move organised and do your homework. This will let you take control and lessen the stress that inevitable.

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