Saving money on your Student removals in Manchester

Saving money on your Manchester student move

Moving your Stuff from home to your university can be pricey business. As a student, you cannot afford the high cost of student removals. not just that, the headache and trouble of packing the sleepless nights of sorting your things after you come in from the pub can be tiring and maddening. Moving out is really one of the testing things you can do without, and can you get that extra pair of hands to help you. There is a solution to your problems. Manchester Student moving businesses are being advertised on the web.

We all know students are on a tight budget and we know Man and van services are businesses, so to keep both parties happy follow these tips, Get yourself prepared and be ready when the man and van arrives. When you contact the removal company for your quote tell them you will be all ready and prepared and that you are willing to help if it will keep the cost down. Also have everything down stairs and ready to go the shorter the time scale for the move the less it will cost. Get a fixed price quote for the time you need so you know exactly what you will pay, there is unscrupulous companies that will try and jack the price up but on the whole they are honest hard working guys. Student Removals in Manchester

If you are a student travelling a long distance like back home to Surrey from Manchester get a lift back and safe on the train fare. student removals

Students can move smoothly with  our website is where all the effort is made to book your removal and perform your move internet users who are looking for student movers and student moving companies have plenty of reasons why they use the services of Nicks Removals.


Happy Christmas to all

Nicks Removals would like to wish all our past and future customers a very merry Christmas and an happy new year especial to all who are moving over the festive period, try and take it in your stride and enjoy.

happy xmas
Merry Christmas

Thank you for your continued support throughout and I hope that 2012 will be your greatest yet.

Our Emergency Removal service in Manchester will be on call this Christmas; we are available to carry out any emergency moves over this Christmas.

Our moving service of Manchester removals are here to ensure if any unexpected difficulties arise over the Christmas holiday period like you need a bigger dining table delivered. We can quickly dispatch a member of our team to your place, to deliver your item.

Unlike most removal companies in Manchester who work a 8-9 Hour day, we are available 24 hours 7 days a week this includes holidays. So don’t let any unforeseen moving related problems ruin your Christmas this year, don’t let a small dining table or not enough chairs become a problem, were here to help.

From all of us, have a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New year.


Why use removal boxes to move home

Use Removal Boxes To Make Moving Home Easy!

I sometimes turn up on jobs and everything is packed in bin liners. Don’t get me wrong they are cheap can keep things clean like bedding pillows clothes cushions teddy bears, soft light items, but when they are used to put 30 or so books in they will tear and things will get damaged. I have even had customers put the contents of kitchen cupboards in bin liners pots pans carving knifes the entire cutlery set. When trying to walk holding these bags, if you attempt it, your ankles and thighs will be getting slashed with knifes protruding from bin bags. So they are useful when moving home but only for certain items.

  • Small Removal Box for packing compact or heavy items like photo albums, CDs, books, dishes, glassware, etc.
  • Medium Removal Box Use the medium size for packing mid-weight items like kitchen appliances, toys, or shoes.
  • Large Removal Box Use the large size for packing lighter, bulkier items, such as towels, bedding, cushions, or clothing. If you do not put in bin bag planning a move can be difficult, but you don’t have to give in to the stress. Removal Boxes can help you manage your move like a pro from start to finish.
  • Moving Check ListCheck off daily tasks to keep your move on track.
  • Box Selection establish which size removal boxes is best for packing your belongings.
  • Moving Tips Make your move easier with these helpful hints and tips.
  • Create Your Moving Kit Determine how many boxes you need to pack your belongings and include tape paper and bubble wrap and infamous bin bags for softer items.

Moving Check List

The best way to handle a difficult job like moving home is to break it down into smaller tasks. Use this check list to tag what you’ve accomplished and what still should be done.

1 to 2 Months before Moving Day


  • Room by room, sort through property and choose what to keep.
  • Donate or throw away any items you no longer need.
  • Return borrowed items to neighbours and friends.
  • Have your valuables appraised and insured.
  • Start packing non-essential things.
  • Arrange packed items and sealed boxes in one corner of each room.

Action Items:

  • Keep a file of your moving paperwork so everything you need is in one place.
  • Get 2 to 3 removal quotes from removal companies or van hire companies.
  • Make your booking with the removal company of your choice.
  • Fill out a change of address form at your local post office.
  • Inform your bank, creditors, and others of your change of address.
  • Contact the utilities to cancel your old service and setup new service.
  • Transfer school, medical, and veterinary records.
  • Book any travel arrangements like hotels you may need.

1 Week before Removal Day

  • Place items that you plan to move yourself in a separate area.
  • Pack a suitcase with clothing, toiletries, and other requirements for the first few days in your new home.
  • Pack a box for items you will need right away such as rubbish bags, toilet paper, wet wipes, cleaning supplies, phone, etc.
  • Confirm your booking with the removal company and check times.

Moving Home Tips

To begin, you will need boxes, cushioning materials such as bubble wrap and packing paper, scissors, Stanley knife, box labels, permanent markers, tape.

  • Start packing in a space that is not often used such as a cellar or garage.
  • Set up a folding table so you can pack boxes at a comfy height.
  • Pack heavier items at the bottom of a box and more fragile items near the top.
  • Line the bottom of the box with cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, packing tissue, or even paper towels.
  • Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or tissue paper before packing them up.
  • Fill open spaces inside your box with towels or linens to minimise the risk of damage.
  • Top off the box with more cushioning materials before you seal it up.
  • Write or place a fragile sticker on boxes with fragile items.
  • Keep the weight of each box below 20 kg if this is not possible write heavy on the box.
  • Avoid placing items from different rooms in the same box when unpacking it will be easier to have things in correct room and save on leg work around the house.
  • List the room which the box should be placed and box contents on a label for each box.
  • Mark both the top and side of the box for easy recognition.
  • Label the removal boxes that need to be unpacked first with a different colour marker.
  • Use a sack truck to move stacked boxes always utilise these items and not your back. Be very careful lifting and use proper technique if in doubt do not lift heavy items without help you do not want a back injury for life.
  • I will be writing a blog soon about the correct lifting technique to avoid injury.

Discount Moving Boxes for Storage, shipping and moving home! Here at Nicks Removals we are the right people who can handle any size move, from one room efficiency to a thirty room mansion. Argos home moving boxes and wholesale moving supplies save you money. Argos stock many different sizes and types of packing boxes. In fact all the moving and packing supplies you will need to keep your removal organised. Home removal kits come with different size cheap removal boxes, packing paper, packing labels, packing tape, bubble wrap and even a marker. Add a box bundle or two to your order and you will have everything you need for your next move delivered quickly, right to your door from Argos. Order at Argos Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies wardrobe Moving Boxes and Supplies! Largest direct merchant of moving boxes and moving supplies offering the lowest prices, fastest service and free nationwide shipping in the UK. We’ve got the strongest Moving Boxes on the web! Make sure your moving boxes don’t crush under load. We sell professional moving boxes to insure your belongings arrive safely! Inside the boxes you use for moving are your valuable, in some cases priceless possessions. Not all boxes are alike. You should be aware of how box quality, size and loads will affect your move.


Argos removal boxes moving home and advice

Argos Removal Boxes

Nicks Removals now recommends Argos as a supplier for your removal boxes. Buy your house removal boxes by searching Argos Homepage or look below for specific boxes for your needs. Its more convenient than going to the local shops for used unsuitable boxes. Argos removal boxes have a full range of boxes for all household items included bubble wrap and tape. All the home moving supplies you need to keep your items secure during the move. We offer advice on how to wrap and pack your belongings on our packing advice page. There is several ways to shop at Argos, boxes can be ordered online and delivered to your door or reserved online and collected at your local store knowing they are in stock!

Larger house moving pack

Ecohome Large house Moving Boxes Argos removal boxes packPack 3 to 4 Bedrooms Storage Boxes – Pack 3 to 4 Bedrooms, House moving packs are great for the full house move. If you’re moving house this storage pack is just what you’ll need. There are enough eco-friendly boxes to pack up to three or four bedrooms. It also comes with brown self-adhesive tape, bubble wrap for those delicate items and a marker pen to label up the contents.

Smaller house moving packs

Ecohome Small Home Moving Boxes – Pack 1 to 2 Bedrooms If you’re moving small house moving packfrom a smaller house a larger apartment this storage pack is just what you’ll want. There are enough eco-friendly boxes to pack up to one or two bedrooms and it comes with brown adhesive tape for sealing boxes. Bubble wrap is included for those delicate items and a marker pen to label up the contents. Outer pack size H104, W19 and D61cm packs 1-2 bedrooms. Set includes 5 small, 7 medium 3 large storage boxes, Marker pen, Bubble wrap, Brown self-adhesive tape. Small box size H35, W35, D25cm, Medium box size H40, W40, D40cm, Large box size H55, W46, D46cm. General information: Recyclable, Packed flat, Minimal assembly required.

Wardrobe boxes

These wardrobe boxes are recyclable and stack-able making it easier for removal men to load in the removal van. Wardrobe boxes are fantastic for hanging clothes making the transition from wardrobe to wardrobe easy. These boxes save clothes from crumpling and get to your new home without the need for re ironing. Clothes placed in bin liners and soft bags or even suitcase can crease easily so this method of moving home wardrobe boxtransporting clothes is ideal.
Set of 2 Cardboard Wardrobe Storage Boxes – Quality made removal boxes with hanging rail these boxes come flat packed so make collection easy if not being delivered a great asset when moving home and worth the money when you realise the time they will save you in ironing and packing.

Archive boxes

Boxes can also be purchased in smaller packs to suit all moves.
Ecohome Pack of 3 Superior Archive Storage Cardboard Boxes This set of three storage boxes is ideal for archiving paperwork they can also be Argos archive boxesused for all manner of packing uses. They are really sturdy, handy and robust and offer you a great storage solution. You can stack them in the van easily when moving and neatly in your garage, office or loft and even better these boxes are also eco-friendly. Archive flat packed storage boxes made from sturdy corrugated board. Lightweight with cut out handles for easy handling. Perfect for storing and archiving A4 and foolscap documents.

Large boxes

Ecohome Set of 5 Large Storage Cardboard Boxes This set of five large storage boxes are ideal for moving house or just storing items away. They are extremely sturdy, handy and durable and offer you a great storage big Argos removal boxessolution. You can stack them together neatly in your garage, office or loft and even better; these boxes are eco-friendly. Storage capacity of 116 litres, Brown corrugated cardboard Set includes 5 large storage boxes, Stackable, Each box size H55, W46, D46cm. General Information: Recyclable, Packed flat, Minimal assembly required. When packing large boxes try not overload with heavy items overload try and use correct box.

Bubble wrap

Argos bubblewrap for packingBio-degradable 7.5 Metre Bubble Wrap This bio-degradable bubble wrap is ideal if you are planning to move house or send a fragile parcel through the post. It is the perfect material for guarding against breaking valuables and delicate household items when moving home. Size W0.5, L7.5m. This bubble wrap can be purchased in bigger rolls if required. This is essential if you are putting valuables in boxes its not a good idea to put china and breakable in boxes loose.

Vacuum bags

Made by Space Bag 6 Piece High Volume Vacuum Storage Bag Set The two pieces high volume vacuum storage bag compressing bag for storageset are ideal for the compact flat storage of bulky items. Such as; winter clothing, soft toys and bedding. Simply use the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner for a great space saving solution. Comprises of 1 jumbo and 1 extra-large vacuum bag, Compress contents using your household vacuum cleaner. Zip closure, Capacity equal to 20 pillows, Size of large bag H60, W90, D14cm, Size of extra large bag H90, W100, D20cm. These are great when moving home and have many benefits.

Student Removal Boxes

Student moving box packs StorePAK student moving boxes offer great value for students moving. Packed with 9 moving boxes and bio bubble wrap not forgetting the tape for sealing boxes. They deliver everything necessary to pack your stuff and move your student belongings between home and university. Boxes are strong and eco-friendly.

Discount Argos Removal Boxes for Storage and Shipping! We can handle any size move from a one room efficiency to a thirty room mansion. Our wholesale moving boxes and wholesale moving supplies ship flat saving you money. We stock many different size wholesale moving boxes and all the moving supplies you will need to keep your move organised. Like different sized discount moving boxes, packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap and even a marker. Add a box bundle or two to your order and you will have everything you need for your next move delivered quickly to your door located UK nationwide.

Visit Argos Homepage to see all their products that can make your next home move stress free and without any hitches. For more information on packing and how to pack correctly visit our packing box advice page on preparing to move home. If you want any other information on moving home or a quote from Nicks Removals either call Tel:07944 079878 or fill in our click here for removal quote form to get a quote online