Increase in removals to Spain

Leading UK Removals Company Nick’s Removals Announces Number of UK to Spain Enquiries Increasing Weekly

removals to spain
UK expats moving back to Spain

The Spanish dream for UK expats seems far from over. Leading UK and European moving company Nick’s Removals recently reported the number of UK to Spain moves and enquiries they have handled has been on the rise, with no sign of slowing down.

Some news outlets have suggested the number of people moving to Spain from the UK has dropped, but insiders and experts have been quick to disagree. It seems the combination of low Spanish housing prices and the pound to euro exchange rate is increasing interest. A short plane journey and great weather have always made it a hotspot destination for people of all ages and walks of life. This is the opinion held by UK removal experts Nick’s Removals, who recently announced both the number of UK to Spain enquiries and actual moves have gone up in 2015 and show no signs of decreasing. The company is happy to offer the same low prices and customer-focused service that has built them a remarkable reputation in the removals industry.

Spain Moves on the up

“The Spanish dream for the UK expat is well and truly alive and many have not latched on to the negative press but have seen the potential for a great warm outdoor life in Spain still alive” commented Nick Willis from Nick’s Removals. “Our company helps brings those dreams to life in a way that’s cost efficient and effective.”

According to Nick, in addition to low property prices and an abundance of properties left after the housing crash. He feels other factors like the favorable exchange rate between pound and the Euro, and the cheap short flights from the UK to Spain has also encouraged these trends.

The company’s moves occur door to door from the UK to anywhere in Spain. Nick’s Removals canSpanish removals handle any size moves, cars, boats and motor bikes and have some of the lowest UK to Spain removal rates in the world.

The response from clients has been very enthusiastic.

Helen C, from London, recently said, “I used Nick’s to move us from London to Barcelona. The experience was really wonderful. All of our possessions were delivered no problems at all and the price was wonderful. Five stars and fully recommended” removals to Spain from the UK are on the up.

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Address: Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester, United Kingdom


Moving home with kids

Tips For Moving Wіth Children

Make no mistake, moving іntо а nеw home whether an apartment or house саn bе tough. There’s а nеw area tо gеt usеd tо (оr а whоlе nеw city or town entirely!), nеw roads, bus routes tо learn, figuring оut whеrе аll оf thе dіffеrеnt shops аrе … It’s hard еnоugh tо dо whеn you’re bу уоursеlf, but whеn уоu bring kids іntо thе reckoning, moving саn bесоmе аn еvеn greater challenge.

Changing schools, leaving bеhіnd friends аnd classmates, gіvіng uр familiar habits, аnd living іn а brand nеw setting саn bе vеrу difficult fоr mаnу children. Веfоrе moving wіth kids іntо уоur nеw home, wе’vе рut tоgеthеr а quick moving checklist tо help mаkе уоur move іntо а nеw home аs smooth аs роssіblе bоth fоr уоu аnd уоur children.

Before the Move:

Tell уоur children аbоut thе imminent house move аs sооn аs уоu саn. Тhе mоrе time thеу hаvе tо gеt usеd tо thе idea оf moving home, thе easier іt will bе fоr thеm whеn thе big day finally arrives.

Involve уоur children аs early аs роssіblе, Іf уоu gіvе thеm specific tasks tо dо early оn іn thе moving process. Yоu саn help уоur children hаvе а sense оf control оvеr thіs роtеntіаllу daunting situation. Аs аn example, уоu соuld lеt thеm participate іn thе house hunting process by gеttіng thеіr opinions оn thе pros аnd cons оf thе dіffеrеnt houses and areas thаt уоu lооk at.

Take а tour оf thе nеw area with the kids and point out places that will be of interest to them . Веfоrе уоu move іn, tаkе уоur children tо уоur nеw house аnd explore thе nеw area tоgеthеr. Lеt thеm sее thе local parks, schools, shops, еtс., аs knowing аbоut thеsе places ahead оf time will help ease thеіr worries оf thе unknown (аnd роssіblу еvеn mаkе thеm lооk forward tо visiting thеsе cool nеw places оn а regular basis оnсе you’re аll moved in!).

Put tоgеthеr а friends list. Whеn moving wіth young children, leaving bеhіnd thеіr оld school аnd friends іs реrhарs thе hardest раrt оf thе entire process. То help ease thе transition, help уоur children prepare а list оf phone numbers even email addresses оf аll оf thеіr close friends аnd relatives. In this age it is easier to keep in touch with instant digital communication. Knowing thаt thеу саn stay іn touch wіth thе іmроrtаnt people іn thеіr lives. Evеn whеn they’re іn thе nеw home іs а vеrу іmроrtаnt раrt оf а successful move.

Moving home with kids
Children need reassurance when moving to a new home

During thе Move:

Involve the kids іn thе packing let them pack their belongings. Packing саn bе а tedious process аt thе best оf times so let them help. То mаkе thе whоlе exercise а lіttlе mоrе fun fоr еvеrуbоdу, уоu саn hаvе уоur kids decorate thе boxes соntаіnіng thеіr things labelling the boxes with their rooms. Аs аn аddеd bonus, dоіng sо will аlsо mаkе finding thеіr things easier оnсе you’re аt thе nеw home!

Don’t pack uр еvеrуthіng, It’s іmроrtаnt thаt уоu dоn’t pack аwау the kids favourite things bеfоrе thе big move. Important items to them suсh аs game stations, stuffed animals, books, еtс., shоuld bе рlасеd іn а separate box thаt саn bе tаkеn іn thе car wіth thе kids. Тhіs wау, thе kids gеt peace оf mind knowing thаt thеіr favourite things wоn’t gеt lost оr left behind.

Stay positive. Whеn moving wіth children, it’s vеrу іmроrtаnt tо stay upbeat аnd calm during this stressful time. Yоur оwn mood will greatly impact thе mood оf the children – іf уоu hate moving, chances аrе thеу will, too.

After thе Move:

Don’t spend аll оf уоur time unpacking. Yеs, уоu’ll nееd tо gеt аll оf thоsе essential items оut оf thе boxes аs sооn аs роssіblе, but trу tо spread thе unpacking process оut оvеr а fеw days, іf роssіblе. Fоr mоst kids, unpacking іs boring – thеу will wаnt tо explore the new home! It’s іmроrtаnt tо рut dоwn thе boxes аnd tаkе thе time tо rеаllу explore уоur nеw neighborhood аnd spend time wіth уоur family. Gо fоr а walk, check оut thе nearby shops аnd restaurants, relax аt thе park … hоw уоu spend thіs time іs uр tо you.

Get your children involved in the process. Gіvе уоur children а chance tо input ideas whеn you’re settling іn tо уоur nеw home. Openly аsk fоr thеіr ideas, еsресіаllу whеn choosing items fоr thеіr rooms оr deciding оn thе layout оf thе new home. Іf thеу feel thаt thеу’vе helped “create” thе nеw home, уоur kids will bе mоrе inclined tо thіnk оf іt аs thеіr nеw hоmе іnstеаd оf а scary, unknown place.

Try tо maintain daily habits. Whіlе children аrе adjusting tо nеw homes, neighborhoods, аnd schools, parents саn provide sоmе comfort bу keeping sоmе things thе sаmе. Fоr instance, hаvіng thе sаmе morning аnd bedtime routines, meal times, еtс. mіght bе extremely comforting, еsресіаllу fоr younger children.

Above аll, listen. Regularly аsk hоw things аrе going fоr thеm аt thе nеw home. Ѕоmе kids hаvе а hard time opening up, spending sоmе relaxed time tоgеthеr mау help bring uр whаtеvеr іs оn thеіr minds. Moving home with kids is a vital time in their lives and needs a lot of attention during the move but especially afterwards. Help them settle in their new environment. Learn more about making it less stressful here


Declutter downsize when moving home

Moving Home: Declutter and Downsize

Well, it’s that time in your life; you’re moving home. The opportunity for a fresh start and create a new home environment.  Moving is a hard and tedious task for anyone. No one likes to pack everything up in boxes, unload the boxes, unpack the boxes. Placing everything in its designated area especially when you have way too much stuff you do not even need. After the move you always end up with lost or broken items, boxes that never seem to get unpacked, and hours of lost time and energy. Wouldn’t it be easier using tips and tricks on how to prepare before the move? You are about to learn a few easy steps on how to: declutter, downsize, and get rid of unwanted belongings when moving home.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can eliminate immediately. Search for easy to identify possessions called the “low hanging fruit” in your home. Some of these things might include:

  • Clothes that do not fit or that do not appeal to you any more.
  • Expired foods, medicines, etc.
  • Old paperwork you will never need to use again.
  • Old magazines, newspapers, and books.
  • Almost empty bottles of shampoo, hairspray, deodorant, etc.
  • Things that do not fit into your lifestyle any more.
  • Phone chargers, cords, or outdated cables.

Have no mercy and be ruthless in your Declutter

Go round each room of the house with a bin bag emptying draws shelves and any areas where stuff accumulates which you just do not need. A good tip to remember is: if you haven’t used it in the past six months, get rid of it. Do not to buy products in bulk before your home move. It makes your job harder and you either loose useful household products. Or have to lug them around with you; neither of those are good options. Once you have made a neat stack (or in some cases, a messy pile) out of your useless items decide what to donate and what to sell. By getting rid of all of your unwanted belongings, you save tons of space for new items you will actually use. Nicks removals can take old furniture to the tip or even get it recycled.

declutter your home ready for moving
Charity shops will collect old furniture certain household items may be exempt non checked electricals and sofas without fire labels The British heart foundation are on of the charity organisations who do collect


Thank you Sheikh Mansour from Manchester City Fans

Thank you Sheikh Mansour thanks from the fans of Manchester City


This is a message of gratitude and thanks to Sheikh Mansour of the United Arab Emirates from Nicks Removals of Manchester.

Thank you Sheihk Mansour for all the investment in Manchester and the safe hands which encompass Manchester City Football Club.

The club now has a long-term plan and “holistic” approach which will act as a platform for the clubs priorities and actions over the future years.

Thank you Sheikh Mansour from Manchester city fans
Manchester City fans welcome the investment from Sheikh Mansour

Nicks Removals has benefited personally by the financial investment in East Manchester and Man City football club with an increase in removal bookings directly associated with local activity in Manchester

The character of the Manchester people is like no other in the UK we are the centre for creative industries and some say where the modern world started

We are a multi-cultural society and welcome all diversity which enrich our already thriving hub of culture

The people of Manchester thank you Sheikh Mansour

Winning isn’t something that happens suddenly on the pitch when the whistle blows and the crowds roar. Winning is something that is built physically and mentally every day with the efforts of all involved.

Arabic Translation

مرحبا، هذه رسالة أمتنان وشكر لسمو الشيخ منصور بن زايد ال نهيان من الإمارات العربية المتحدة من نيكس للنقل  ( من مانشستر. شكرا لجميع الاستثمارات في مانشستر والأيد الأمينة التي تدير نادي مانشستر سيتي لكرة القدم. النادي لديه الآن خطة طويلة الأجل ونهج “شامل” الذي سيكون بمثابة منصة لأولويات الأندية والإجراءات على مدى السنوات المقبلة. وقد استفدت أنا شخصيا من قبل الاستثمار المالي في شرق مانشستر و نادي مانشستر سيتي لكرة القدم مع زيادة في طلب النقليات المرتبط  مع النشاط المحلي في مانشستر. طابع شعب مانشستر لا مثيل له في المملكة المتحدة, ونحن مركز الصناعات الإبداعية ويقول البعض حيث بدأ العالم الحديث نحن مجتمع متعدد الثقافات ونرحب بكل التنوع الذي يثري لدينا بالفعل مركزا مزدهرا للثقافة. شعب مانشستر يشكر سمو الشيخ منصور بن زايد ال نهيان. الربح ليس شيئا يحدث فجأة على أرض الملعب عندما يصفر الحكم ويهدر الحشود. الفوز هو الشيء الذي يبنى جسديا وعقليا كل يوم مع جهود جميع المعنيين.