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Nicks Removals now recommends Argos as a supplier for your removal boxes. Buy your house removal boxes by searching on the Argos website. Or look below for specific boxes for your needs. It’s more convenient than going to the local shops for used unsuitable boxes. Amazon removal boxes have a full range of boxes for all household items included bubble wrap and tape. All the home moving supplies you need to keep your items secure during the move. We offer advice on how to wrap and pack your belongings on our packing advice page. There is several ways to shop at Argos, boxes can be ordered online and delivered to your door. Or reserved online and collected at your local store knowing they are in stock!

Larger house moving pack

Eco home Large house Moving Boxes Argos removal boxes packPack 3 to 4 Bedrooms Storage Boxes – Pack 3 to 4 Bedrooms. House moving packs are great for the full house move. If you’re moving house this storage pack is just what you’ll need. There are enough eco-friendly boxes to pack up to three or four bedrooms. It also comes with brown self-adhesive tape and bubble wrap. For packing those delicate items and a marker pen to label up the contents.

Smaller house moving packs

Ecohome Small Home Moving Boxes – Pack 1 to 2 Bedrooms. If you’re moving small house moving packfrom a smaller house a larger apartment this storage pack is just what you’ll want. There are enough eco-friendly boxes to pack up to one or two bedrooms. It comes with brown adhesive tape for sealing boxes. Bubble wrap is included for those delicate items and a marker pen to label up the contents. Outer pack size H104, W19 and D61cm packs 1-2 bedrooms. Set includes 5 small, 7 medium 3 large storage boxes. Marker pen, Bubble wrap, and brown self-adhesive tape. Small box size H35, W35, D25cm, Medium box size H40, W40, D40cm. Large box size H55, W46, D46cm. General information: Recyclable, Packed flat, Minimal assembly required.

Wardrobe boxes

These wardrobe boxes are recyclable and stack-able making it easier for removal men to load in the removal van. Wardrobe boxes are fantastic for hanging clothes making the transition from wardrobe to wardrobe easy. These boxes save clothes from crumpling and get to your new home without the need for re ironing. Clothes placed in bin liners and soft bags or even suitcase can crease easily so this method of moving home wardrobe boxtransporting clothes is ideal.
Set of 2 Cardboard Wardrobe Storage Boxes. Quality made removal boxes with hanging rail. These boxes come flat packed so make collection easy if not being delivered. A great asset when moving home and worth the money when you realise the time they will save you in ironing and packing.

Archive boxes

Boxes can also be purchased in smaller packs to suit all moves.
Ecohome Pack of 3 Superior Archive Storage Cardboard Boxes. This set of three storage boxes is ideal for archiving paperwork they can also be Argos archive boxesused for all manner of packing uses. They are really sturdy, handy and robust and offer you a great storage solution. You can stack them in the van easily when moving and neatly in your garage, office or loft. Even better these boxes are also eco-friendly. Archive flat packed storage boxes made from sturdy corrugated board. Lightweight with cut out handles for easy handling. Perfect for storing and archiving A4 and foolscap documents.

Large boxes

Ecohome Set of 5 Large Storage Cardboard Boxes. This set of five large storage boxes are ideal for moving house or just storing items away. They are extremely sturdy, handy and durable and offer you a great storage big Argos removal boxessolution. You can stack them together neatly in your garage, office or loft. Even better; these boxes are eco-friendly. Storage capacity of 116 litres, brown corrugated cardboard Set. Includes 5 large storage boxes, Stackable, Each box size H55, W46, D46cm. General Information. Recyclable, Packed flat, Minimal assembly required. When packing large boxes try not overload with heavy items overload try and use correct box.

Bubble wrap

Argos bubblewrap for packingBio-degradable 7.5 Metre Bubble Wrap. This bio-degradable bubble wrap is ideal if you are planning to move house or send a fragile parcel through the post. It is the perfect material for guarding against breaking valuables and delicate household items when moving home. Size W0.5, L7.5m. This bubble wrap can be purchased in bigger rolls if required. It’s essential if you are putting valuables in boxes, it’s not a good idea to put china and breakable in boxes loose.

Vacuum bags

Made by Space Bag 6 Piece High Volume Vacuum Storage Bag Set.The two pieces high volume vacuum storage bag compressing bag for storageset are ideal for the compact flat storage of bulky items. Such as; winter clothing, soft toys and bedding. Simply use the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner for a great space saving solution. Comprises of 1 jumbo and 1 extra-large vacuum bag. Compress contents using your household vacuum cleaner. Zip closure, Capacity equal to 20 pillows, Size of large bag H60, W90, D14cm, Size of extra large bag H90, W100, D20cm. These are great when moving home and have many benefits.

Student Removal Boxes

Student moving box packs. StorePAK student moving boxes offer great value for students moving. Packed with 9 moving boxes and bio bubble wrap not forgetting the tape for sealing boxes. They deliver everything necessary to pack your stuff and move your student belongings between home and university. Boxes are strong and eco-friendly.

Discount Argos Removal Boxes for Storage and Shipping! We can handle any size move from a one room efficiency to a thirty room mansion. Our wholesale moving boxes and wholesale moving supplies ship flat saving you money. We stock many different size wholesale moving boxes. All the moving supplies you will need to keep your move organised. Like different sized discount moving boxes, packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap and even a marker. Add a box bundle or two to your order and you will have everything you need for your next move. Delivered quickly to your door located UK nationwide.

Visit Argos Homepage to see all their products that can make your next home move stress free and without any hitches. For more information on packing and how to pack correctly visit our packing advice pageon preparing to move home. If you want any other information on moving home or a quote from Nicks Removals.Either call Tel:07944 079878 or fill in our click here for removal quote form to get a quote online.


Reasons to Move to Manchester

The Reasons Manchester is a better place to live than London

Reasons to move to Manchester

Year on year more Londoners are choosing to move to Manchester. With the lure of stepping on to the property ladder with cheaper housing prices. Not just for the property market but a buzzing nightlife and music scene. Coupled with friendlier locals, Manchester is packed full of character. This makes “Cottonopolis” which is Manchester’s nickname from the industrial and textile revolution a massive draw for young professional go getters.
Served by an international airport with daily flights to more than 200 worldwide destinations. The airport serves the thriving north west in and around Manchester which is one of Europe’s biggest local economies. It is also a growing hotspot for tech and creative industries. If it’s TV you’re into MediaCity in Salford is home to many TV companies amongst them the BBC and ITV plus lots of creative and digital businesses.

Manchester People

The Mancunian also known as Manc’s are proper proud of their city. They are a creative pragmatic lot who have gifted the world an eclectic mix of stuff. This ranges from the Suffragette movement to modern computer science and Coronation Street. Manchester people are natural piss takers, so don’t be offended by a little gentle ribbing. Manc’s have an inimitable swagger that’s not condescending but welcoming and embracing to newcomers that arrive in their city. In London you will get a funny look if you give someone the time a day by talking to them. The people of Manchester are a different story they’ll talk to anyone. Mancunians are not all Scuttler’s like the Gallagher brothers Liam and Noel from Oasis. Sorted our kid you’re on the way to understanding the people of Manchester.

moving key manchester
Great Manchester areas from the Northern Quarter to Didsbury and Chorlton

Inspiring countryside nearby

Try and drive out of London for an hour and you will still be in London. Manchester on the other hand is within easy reach of some of the UK’s most gorgeous countryside and picturesque villages. There is an abundance of national parks within an hours drive of Manchester. The Yorkshire Dales, the Forest of Bowland the Peak District and the Lake District. North Wales is also close by where you will find enchanting castles and the spectacular landscape picturesque mountainous region of Snowdonia. Manchester provides all the benefits of living in a big city with access to wonderful rural locations aplenty, sorted on that score.

Student Metropolis

Manchester is a nirvana city for students and geared up to provide all the facilities to keep students happy and safe during their stay at uni. The region has one of the biggest student populations in the UK if not Europe. There are three major educational institutions, University of Manchester, MMU and the University of Salford. Which are among the top rated in the UK. It’s that good many graduates stay on after their studies with a growing number of jobs on offer in all sectors. Living cheap is a student prerogative and Manchester is a place where your student budget will go further than in the capitol.


Red or blue this is a city that is synonymous with top flight football. The home of Manchester City who are powering forward with a fantastic stadium and sublime playing style. Since being taken over by Sheikh Mansour’s who owns the Abu Dhabi United Group city have buckets of money to spend. Also Manchester United who have an unrivalled footballing history and a worldwide fan base. Between these two clubs they have won the Premier League more times than all London clubs combined. Englands National Football Museum is located in the Urbis building in Cathedral Gardens Manchester. A fitting place to have the footy museum with Manchester being the football capitol of England.

Manchester city fans
Manchester City fans welcome the investment from Sheikh Mansour


Madchester is legendary for its musical creativity. For such a comparatively small city on the world scene they’ve smashed it. Where ever you go on the planet you’re bound to hear a tune that’s been composed by a Mancunian musician. You’ve got Oasis from Burnage and the Bee Gees from Chorlton the eclectic list goes on from The Smiths to the Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses. It gets embarrassing reeling off the prolific talent from this city, Nuff said.


If it’s a top night out you’re after then Manchester certainly delivers. It’s one of the countries liveliest night time cities buzzing with energy. Theres a massive and varied choice of bars, pubs, and night clubs in Manchester. Offering any kind of night you want. Whether you’re looking for a fancy dinner in Spinningfields or a trendy jazz club in the Northern Quarter. Or you could head to the suburbs for a traditional stye pub. Try Fallowfield and pop into the Friendship Inn or the Nelson in Didsbury for a nice cold pint.

The Cost of living

One of the main reasons for moving from London to Manchester has go to be the cost of living. If you can get a similar paying job in Manchester then you’re quids in. Property prices for renting and buying are far more affordable than the capitol. With on average Manchester being around 55% cheaper. In London most haven’t got a prospect of getting on the housing ladder. But you stand a decent chance in Manchester. The daily living costs are also about 15% less than London prices.

Moving home in Manchester
Manchester’s Moving Company

Although in some aspects London cannot be beaten after all it is the capitol of our great nation. There is room in our hearts for both cities. If you are planning to relocate to Manchester from London. You can rely on Nicks Removals to make the move up North a smooth process and easier on your pocket than a London removal company.


Moving Home Plan

The Task of Moving Home

Let’s be honest the process of moving your furniture and possessions during your home relocation is something that can cause headaches and potential back ache. Moving home takes you out of your comfortable everyday routine. It can throw up some surprise problems and hurdles that will have to overcome for a successful move.

It can be very expensive, which ever option you choose to conduct it. At any given time, thousands of Brits are planning to move home.

The first obstacle to overcome is getting your belongings from point A your present address to point B your new home. If you’re moving within Manchester or the same city the problem is less of a logistical effort. We are now all more transient so a long distant move is more common place than past times. So let’s take a look at the moving options across the home removal industry.

Help moving home
Let Nicks Removals assist with your home move

Hiring A Removal Company

There is a massive industry of UK removal companies all ready to vie for the honour of carting your belongings. The removal and storage industry in the UK is worth up to £1 billion and depends on the strength of the housing market. So if houses are being bought and sold then the moving industry is strong.

The British Association of Removers (BAR) is a professional trade association that represents removal and storage services across the UK. There are other removal trade bodies in the UK that home movers can find a trusted removal company. Lots of removal companies are not members of a trade groups. If choosing an independent removal company that is not a member of a trade group check the companies history and conduct due diligence.

We are all used to shopping on comparison websites but did you know there are also many house removal comparison websites and transport bidding sites on the internet. These include which promise to save customers big savings on removals and courier jobs. is a websites for comparing removal quotes in Manchester and throughout the UK. They also provide ratings and reviews for the removal companies they have listed.

Removal Quotes

Accepting the lowest moving quote you get is not always the best objective. The old saying you get what you pay for can apply when hiring a removal company. It could possibly cost you thousands more in the end hiring an unprofessional company. Who do not know how to move furniture in the correct manner.
Reputable removal companies are easy to locate. You should expect to get similar quotes from movers who understand the quoting process and know what’s involved with your specific move. Getting extreme removal quote ranges is not uncommon in the removal industry.

When reaching out for removal quotes to save time compose an email with all your moving details. This will comprise of your start and destination addresses and an inventory of the belongings to be moved. It is best to be completely up front about any issues the removal guys will encounter when they arrive. For example if there is any stairs involved or lift issues. Will they have access to park the removal van.

Containerised Moving

Some moving companies provide an alternative to the traditional moving process. It’s less expensive to a full removal service but entails the customer doing the hard graft of loading and packing. A container of your desired load will be delivered to your home. You will have the responsibility of loading this container box with your belongings. The container can then be picked up with a specialised vehicle and delivered to your destination address This type of service is great if you also need storage the use of a storage facility. You must be prepared to lift all your heavy items. This may appear to be easy if you’re young and strong but there is a practised technique to furniture moving.

DIY Removals

Hiring a removal van is another option. In Manchester for instance Salford Van Hire rent out various size vans that are ideal for all types of moves. If you have the necessary documents such as driving license, proof of address dated within three months and driving license code from DVLA. This code lets the hire company know you’re driving history in regards of points. Depending on your move size help will be needed to load all your heavier furniture items. If your moving long distance it might be possible to get a one way van hire some van hire companies offer this but not all.

The costs you will have to consider are van hire, fuel, possible pay for helpers, food and drinks for energy levels! DIY moves will defiantly save you money but add to your workload.

Another option is to hire a man with a van. If you book an experienced man and van service you will get professional help with loading and packing the van.

Moving home with care

Things To Consider

Getting a removal quote online will require you to know the amount of stuff you are moving. This can be compiled in an inventory of furniture bags and boxes. Knowing your exact weight and cubic metres to be moved will help with acquiring accurate quotes.

Some removal companies will offer a packing service. This is a useful service if you can afford it, having all your belongings professionally packed is a great convenience. It will also ensure your belongings are fully insured.
If you pack yourself, some of the insurance cover may not apply to certain goods during your move. Insurance cover is something you should discuss with your chosen removal company. If you are packing yourself start collecting boxes. Use the correct size box for the items you are packing. Home moving kits can be purchased which contain all the materials you will need boxes, tape, bubble wrap etc.

UK long distance and European moves need more planning. Nipping back from Spain for something you have forgotten is not an option. Having a clearance out of unwanted belongings and furniture should be considered. Don’t pay to transport items you do not want or need.

need a van
Book a man with a van

Having a moving plan with a checklist of things to be done is essential for a successful home move. The internet is chock full of moving tips and comprehensive guides so take advantage of them.

Moving home is going to be a big inconvenience to your routine. To minimise the disruption get your move organised and do your homework. This will let you take control and lessen the stress that inevitable.

free moving quote
Get your free moving quote
Moving home advice Removals Spain

Increase in removals to Spain

Leading UK Removals Company Nick’s Removals Announces Number of UK to Spain Enquiries Increasing Weekly

removals to spain
UK expats moving back to Spain

The Spanish dream for UK expats seems far from over. Leading UK and European moving company Nick’s Removals recently reported the number of UK to Spain moves and enquiries they have handled has been on the rise, with no sign of slowing down.

Some news outlets have suggested the number of people moving to Spain from the UK has dropped. But insiders and experts have been quick to disagree. It seems the combination of low Spanish housing prices and the pound to euro exchange rate is increasing interest. A short plane journey and great weather have always made it a hotspot destination. This is true for people of all ages and walks of life. The opinion is held by UK removal experts Nick’s Removals. Who recently announced both the number of UK to Spain enquiries and actual moves have gone up in 2015 and show no signs of decreasing. The company is happy to offer the same low prices and customer-focused service that has built them a remarkable reputation in the removals industry.

Spain Moves on the up

“The Spanish dream for the UK expat is well and truly alive and many have not latched on to the negative press but have seen the potential for a great warm outdoor life in Spain still alive” commented Nick Willis from Nick’s Removals. “Our company helps brings those dreams to life in a way that’s cost efficient and effective.”

According to Nick, in addition to low property prices and an abundance of properties left after the housing crash. He feels other factors like the favourable exchange rate between pound and the Euro. Plus the cheap short flights from the UK to Spain has also encouraged these trends.

The company’s moves occur door to door from the UK to anywhere in Spain. Nick’s Removals canSpanish removals handle any size moves, cars, boats and motor bikes. They have some of the lowest UK to Spain removal rates in the world.

The response from clients has been very enthusiastic.

Helen C, from London, recently said, “I used Nick’s to move us from London to Barcelona. The experience was really wonderful. All of our possessions were delivered no problems at all and the price was very competitive. Five stars and fully recommended”. Removals to Spain from the UK are on the up!

To learn more about Nicks Removals and the affordable removals to Spain on offer, please visit.

Media Contact: Company Name: Nicks Removals Manchester Contact Person: Nick Willis.

Email: Telephone: 07944 079878

Address: Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester, United Kingdom

Manchester Removals Moving home advice Removals

Moving home with kids

Tips for moving wіth children

Make no mistake, moving іntо а nеw home whether an apartment or house саn bе tough. There’s а nеw area tо gеt usеd tо (оr а whоlе nеw city or town entirely!). Nеw roads, bus routes tо learn, figuring оut whеrе аll оf thе dіffеrеnt shops аrе. It’s hard еnоugh tо dо whеn you’re bу уоursеlf. But whеn уоu bring kids іntо thе reckoning, moving саn bесоmе аn еvеn greater challenge.

Changing schools, leaving bеhіnd friends аnd classmates. Gіvіng uр familiar habits, аnd living іn а brand nеw setting саn bе vеrу difficult fоr mаnу children. Веfоrе moving into your new home wіth kids checkout these points to consider. Wе’vе рut tоgеthеr а quick moving checklist tо help mаkе уоur move іntо а nеw home аs smooth аs роssіblе. Bоth fоr уоu аnd уоur children.

Before the Move:

Tell уоur children аbоut thе imminent house move аs sооn аs уоu саn. Тhе mоrе time thеу hаvе tо gеt usеd tо thе idea оf moving home, thе easier іt will bе fоr thеm whеn thе big day finally arrives.

Involve уоur children аs early аs роssіblе. Іf уоu gіvе thеm specific tasks tо dо early оn іn thе moving process. Yоu саn help уоur children hаvе а sense оf control оvеr thіs роtеntіаllу daunting situation. Аs аn example, уоu соuld lеt thеm participate іn thе house hunting process by gеttіng thеіr opinions оn thе pros аnd cons оf thе dіffеrеnt houses and areas thаt уоu lооk at.

Take а tour оf thе nеw area with the kids and point out places that will be of interest to them . Веfоrе уоu move іn, tаkе уоur children tо уоur nеw house аnd explore thе nеw area tоgеthеr. Lеt thеm sее thе local parks, schools, shops, еtс. Knowing аbоut thеsе places ahead оf time will help ease thеіr worries оf thе unknown. This can роssіblу еvеn mаkе thеm lооk forward tо visiting thеsе cool nеw places оn а regular basis оnсе you’re аll moved in!

Put tоgеthеr а friends list. Whеn moving wіth young children, leaving bеhіnd thеіr оld school аnd friends іs реrhарs thе hardest раrt оf thе entire process. То help ease thе transition, help уоur children prepare а list оf phone numbers even email addresses. Include all оf thеіr close friends аnd relatives. In this age it is easier to keep in touch with instant digital communication. Knowing thаt thеу саn stay іn touch wіth thе іmроrtаnt people іn thеіr lives. Evеn whеn they’re іn thе nеw home іs а vеrу іmроrtаnt раrt оf а successful move.

Moving home with kids
Children need reassurance when moving to a new home

During thе move:

Involve the kids іn thе packing let them pack their belongings. Packing саn bе а tedious process аt thе best оf times, so let them help. То mаkе thе whоlе exercise а lіttlе mоrе fun fоr еvеrуbоdу, уоu саn hаvе уоur kids decorate boxes соntаіnіng thеіr things labelling the boxes with their rooms. Аs аn аddеd bonus, dоіng sо will аlsо mаkе finding thеіr things easier оnсе you’re аt thе nеw home!

Packing for kids

Don’t pack uр еvеrуthіng, It’s іmроrtаnt thаt уоu dоn’t pack аwау the kids favourite things bеfоrе thе big move. Important items to them suсh аs game stations, stuffed animals, books, еtс, shоuld bе рlасеd іn а separate box thаt саn bе tаkеn іn thе car wіth thе kids. Тhіs wау, thе kids gеt peace оf mind knowing thеіr favourite things wоn’t gеt lost оr left behind.

Stay positive. Whеn moving wіth children, it’s vеrу іmроrtаnt tо stay upbeat аnd calm during this potentially stressful time. Yоur оwn mood will greatly impact thе mood оf the children. If уоu hate moving, chances аrе thеу will, too.

After Thе Move:

Don’t spend аll оf уоur time unpacking. Yеs, уоu’ll nееd tо gеt аll оf thоsе essential items оut оf boxes аs sооn аs роssіblе. But trу tо spread thе unpacking process оut оvеr а fеw days, іf роssіblе. Fоr mоst kids, unpacking іs boring, thеу will wаnt tо explore their new home! It’s іmроrtаnt tо рut dоwn thе boxes аnd tаkе thе time tо rеаllу explore уоur nеw neighborhood аnd spend time wіth уоur family. Gо fоr а walk, check оut thе nearby shops аnd restaurants, relax аt thе park. Hоw уоu spend thіs time іs uр tо you.

Get your children involved in the process. Gіvе уоur children а chance tо input ideas whеn you’re settling іn tо уоur nеw home. Openly аsk fоr thеіr ideas, еsресіаllу whеn choosing items fоr thеіr rooms оr deciding оn thе layout оf thе new home. Іf thеу feel thаt thеу’vе helped “create” thе nеw home, уоur kids will bе mоrе inclined tо thіnk оf іt аs thеіr nеw hоmе. Instеаd оf а scary, unknown place.

Try tо maintain daily habits. Whіlе children аrе adjusting tо nеw homes, neighbourhoods, аnd schools, parents саn provide sоmе comfort bу keeping sоmе things thе sаmе. Fоr instance, hаvіng thе sаmе morning аnd bedtime routines, meal times, еtс. These will bе extremely comforting, еsресіаllу fоr younger children.


Moving home with kids must above аll entail, listening to your child’s concerns about the move. Regularly аsk hоw things аrе going fоr thеm аt thе nеw home. Ѕоmе kids hаvе а hard time opening up. Spending sоmе relaxed time tоgеthеr mау help bring uр whаtеvеr іs оn thеіr minds. Moving home with kids is a vital time in their lives and needs a lot of attention during the move but especially afterwards. Help them settle in their new environment. Learn more about making it less stressful here.